Tests and Trials wishes you a happy holiday season and a new year full of memorable moments

When something is about to finish, it is when we look back to remember everything we have experienced

It happens the same with years. We generally value the good that has happened and the bad. What we have learned, and what others have taught us. Our personal and professional achievements.

We have experienced many significant changes:

  1. Great professionals have joined our veterinary and biostatistics teams, with the 5 letters of the word. Every day they showed us their commitment to Tests and Trials and desire to face new challenges. Of course, our veterans continue one more year ready for whatever may come, demonstrating why they are the best.
  2. We have joined Tentamus Group, with the aim of strengthening our position in the market, reaching a solid expansion, and creating synergies with important international companies in the sector. Like all SMEs, we had (and have) great ideas, but we need resources to carry them out. So thank you, Tentamus, for your warm welcome and continued doings to feel like we are part of the Group.
  3. We have changed our geographic ubication due to the increasing demand for our services in recent years and, as a result, the expansion of our human team.
  4. After more than 20 years in the industry, we have launched a new website that communicates our philosophy and work methods and tells the world what Tests and Trials is. And not only that, we try every week to offer quality content for all our readers, through our blog, LinkedIn profile and sending our newsletter.
  5. We have launched our first product. But it is not tangible, as many would think. Síagro was developed out of our own motivation to help companies solve their problems internally and faster, making use of their most valuable asset: their data.
  6. Our client portfolio is bigger, a symbol of our image and the quality of our services. We would like to thank new clients, and not so new ones, for their trust and collaboration. It has been (and will always be) a pleasure.

This is not all, just as we have evolved, our sector has also faced changes and challenges. Some examples that we would like to highlight were when the Ministry of Social Rights made public the draft of the Draft Law on Protection and Rights of animals (read here), the increasing job offer in veterinary positions in Spain (especially at the end of the year), which offers more opportunities to professionals and is proof that the sector keeps growing, or the entry into force of the new Animal Health Law applicable to the entire territory of the European Union (read here) and that it is committed to the concept “One Health”.

We hope that 2022 comes with good news like these and that Covid-19 allows us to enjoy the company of our loved ones without distance or fear.