Tests & Trials has joined Tentamus Group

To grow, it is essential to understand that big changes are necessary. Today we want to happily communicate that, after more than 20 years as a private and independent company, Tests & Trials has joined the Tentamus Group with the aim of strengthening our position in the market and reaching a solid expansion.

“The decision to join Tentamus Group focuses on belonging to a much larger organization that allows us to grow and continue with a promising business trajectory through our professionals. We consider that we have a company with great economic results and potential, but we require an organization with greater resources to launch new ideas and projects worldwide” Alberto Morillo and Elena Gimeno, CEO’s of Tests & Trials.

Tentamus Group is a multinational company with 80 laboratories and more than 3,000 professionals that offers safety and quality services to its customers to assure that the products analyzed ensure human well-being. Being related to our main objective, guaranteeing food safety, this union supposes a business synergy that will bring numerous benefits for both parties.

We would like to emphasize that the entire team that is part of T&T will continue to work with the same professionalism and impetus as to date. Like Tentamus, we consider our clients as part of the company and our work always depends on you. With this incorporation we want to add resources and take advantage of new opportunities, and we are committed to ensuring that this is reflected.

T&T Tentamus