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We perform the full- project for the commercialization and registration of pharmaceutical, immunologic, and nutritional products for animals, feed, and feed additives in livestock animals (poultry, pigs, ruminants, and rabbits). It increases the knowledge of the products and facilitates the marketing activities.

The veterinary pharmaceutical and additive production industry have to conduct these trials with the purpose of guarantee the food safety of animals and humans while contributing to the environment preservation. The development of medicines and vaccines – to name a few- that treats animal illnesses implies R&D and innovative technologies, key for the reduction of antibiotics usage.

According to GCP (Good Clinical Practice) and respecting the International Standards principles (determined by the ISO), we undertake the trials with a primary focus on quality that acts as a guarantor for the viability, safety, and accuracy of the products.

pig farm trials
poultry farms

All the activities related with the breeding, housing, care and health control of animals are applied according to the conduct codes stablished by the BOE (the Spanish Official State Gazette). It defines the optimum conditions where the animal welfare is provided and assures that they will not suffer any pain. T&T complies with these guidelines in all the farms with the ideal conditions for each specie.

We assist throughout the investigation management process



Data analysis

T&T provides biostatistics services that benefit the clients with the increase of knowledge when making data-driven decisions. They also save on costs while improving their farm performance and getting personalized help and assistance at all levels. With our experts in data analysis, you will get high quality information and easy decision making.


The agri-food sector creates tons of data that a priori are difficult to interpret, but whose potential is incalculable.

We use the statistical tools and methodologies that are best adapted to each project and that are 100% valid and necessary for the business growth.

They are an aid when it comes to anticipating future problems that can be solved in time: ” Prevention is better than cure’’.

Services for all industries

Lean Seis Sigma para la mejora continua de procesos

Our work philosophy applies Lean Six Sigma techniques. We seek continuous sustainable processes improvement so that the best quality and minimum variability are achieved while reducing costs to the minimum.​

In-company trainings

We bring Statistics to your company

Data-driven decisions are fundamental to increase quality and productivity.

We offer teams the training needed to prepare, manage and analyze data from start to finish. Having a comprehensive vision of all phases of an investigation, they can lead R&D projects.



Training in Statistics applied to field research

Ad hoc courses

Personalized courses, we adapt to your needs

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We collaborate with  MáximaFormación, e-Learning school a benchmark in higher education in Data Science that organizes approved courses and masters, with the best experts.

The professors are professionals from the sector itself who are perfectly familiar with the statistical tools, techniques and programs that make up the courses, and are highly trained to resolve any type of the student doubts. They follow a Learn by doing approach, essential to ensure good learning: the one that is not forgotten when obtaining the certificate.

If you want to either start or specialize in the world of R, RStudio and RMarkdown, these are the courses and masters you need.

Principal Component Analysis (PCA)

You will learn to reduce the complexity of the data with the Data Mining technique and to detect the key patterns in the data sets.

Experimental design and Inference

You will design effective experiments to optimize investigations. Comparison of treatments using hypothesis tests.

Correlation analysis and linear regression

You will analyze relationships between variables and how to use them to make predictions. You will improve your interpretation, understanding and communication skills of the results.

Practical time series analysis

Identify and address time series problems. How to use advanced forecasting models to predict the future (ARIMA models) to help you make decisions

Decision trees

You will create models and algorithms based on decision trees. Predict and optimize the parameters of the different models in order to detect the most important variables.

Machine Learning: Cluster Analysis

You will learn to apply one of the most popular techniques in unsupervised Machine Learning: hierarchical and non-hierarchical cluster analysis (k-means) with R Software.

Introduction to Data Science

You will practice importing, preparing, exploring, and communicating your data with R, RStudio, RMarkdown, and tidyverse.

Master in Applied Statistics

Solve real problems that arise in projects with the analysis, manipulation and graphical representation of large volumes of data. Select the appropriate statistical technique for your analyzes (classic, robust, advanced or multivariate).

Master in Machine learning

You will implement the most advanced Machine Learning techniques in your real work and research context. Apply regression models, classification, dimension reduction, time series, and neural networks to make smart decisions from your data. Create algorithms using supervised, unsupervised and deep learning (Deep Learning).