Síagro, innovation in the agri-food sector

We live in a continuous receive of information world. To avoid taking wrong steps that will have an impact on our profitability and productivity, we must understand our data and process it properly.

Production processes generate an infinity of data whose value is incalculable. Were we to analyze and manage them according to an order and objective, we would be pleasantly surprised of the information they give us on our effectiveness, efficiency, and improvement scope. Discover patterns and estimate risk allow us to act before the problem arise, instead of after.

In decision making, we must rely on evidence and this can only be achieved with objective, secure and reliable data

Were you ever in an uncertain situation where suddenly you realized things were failing and did not know at which point they started to? Or did you suspect it and wanted to verify it? Or, perhaps, is this precisely what you want to avoid, and the way forward is to have maximum control throughout the whole process?

Imagine yourself looking at historical data from a very recent or unknown experiment. Let’s say, for example, that you want to analyze the impact of a nutrient you have incorporated into the diet of animals and you do it through stool and urine samples. Thus, you know it may be a good time to corroborate whether the hypotheses you had were true because, as time progresses, you have suspicions of some patterns. And you do it: you test it and find out does it work, its effects, and anything you want to know.

But it is not enough to observe, analyze and make conclusions from the data. That information must have been collected according to an objective and after a personalized preparation. Only then, we can contrast hypotheses, test ideas, and cause-effects relations, compare with previous periods, detect errors, …

That is why Siagro was created. Long ago we detected a lack of standardized and automatized processes within the agri-food sector, which is why we decided to create a tool that facilitates the implementation of uniform working protocols and efficiency improvement methodologies. This is the only way we can deal with the variability generated by assignable causes that are within our reach to reduce, and thus increase the quality of our results. 

Through the understanding of our data, we can improve our processes’ efficiency and increase the quality of our results.

Síagro is a statistical platform that uses free software technologies and offers users an user-friendly interface. By applying statistical analysis methodologies, we can solve situations of uncertainty of which many times we are not even aware.

Programming without knowing programming?

Yes, It is possible.

Síagro was developed to help you understand your data faster and easier. It is an interactive Web App created from Shiny (working environment in R language, the most widely used programming software worldwide by statisticians) that will allow you to interact with your data without manipulating programming code.

Through SPC (Statistical Process Control) and the most advanced methodologies, we can understand numeric chaos. It may seem impossible, but in Síagro you can analyze as much data of as many projects as you want. And not only in the agri-food industry but in all, so if you are not sure how the platform will help you improve, talk with us and we will be pleased to assist you for free. You can also visit the official website for more information.