All our statistical publications in Suis since 2012

We have organized all the statistical articles that we have written since 2012 in the journal Suis.

Click here to access to them all. You will find both the original article and the correspondent data base to do the exercise with R.

If you access our Spanish Website, you can read the new numbers.

Should you have any queries, sugerences or comments, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be delight to help you.

We have our first statistical eBook!

We have realized the full potential of all this content in terms of training. The exercises of the articles are practical cases that reflect real situations that professionals in the sector face every day.

Thus, we have decided to create a series of eBooks as a compilation according to different categories or classifications, with the aim of following a logical and clear order. The first of them is already public and addresses the following issues: Preparation of data and Analysis of data in proportions.

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