Welcome to our new Website!

We are very pleased to invite all our lectors to visit our new corporative website, a space created with all the affection and illusion that aims to transmit our values with a fresh and modern perspective.

Our continuous endeavors to improve in techniques and processes requires plenty of attention, with the consequence of a very little online presence over the last few years. Still, we never forget the importance of maintain public updated with any corporative changes or news throughout the sector.

Through the different sections, you will discover how this project emerged, its evolution and where the success of T&T relies on. We are a reference in the CRO business not only in Spain but also worldwide.

Our main purpose is to communicate what we do, spreading our brand value and the solutions we provide to our clients. We will also publish in our ‘’News’’ section a varied range of post related with different topics so do not forget to subscribe to our newsletter!

Why a section about ‘’Quality’’? The answer is easy: it is where we are most focused on and what guides our activity. Achieving optimal and reliable results that provides the food industry with secure products has a huge importance and we are very proud to be part of this business philosophy.

We do hope you find our new website as appealing as useful to find out what you were looking for.

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