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Happy to announce that we have a new partner: Máxima Formación!

01 of February of 2021

The statistics and data science world is constantly seeking innovative techniques and solutions, so studying with the best ones should be a priority for the students.

And that is why we are so excited to make this new public: Máxima Formación is our new partner!

In case you did not know them, we put you in context: Máxima Formación is a e-Learning school referent within the data science sector through homologated courses and masteres. Following a focus Learn by doing, they have achieved a huge notoriety.

We chose Maxima after cheking first-hand their training programs quality and realizing all the potential. By supporting each other in the dissemination of our activities, we want to give more visibility to the practices of both companies and notoriety to the importance of data analysis in industries.

We share the passion of R, RStudio and Rmarkdown (to name a few) world. Understanding the data generated by your company is essential if you want to be successful in your decision-making process. Therefore, up-to-date knowledge of techniques and tools is continually needed.

In Tests & Trials, we perform data analysis and our staticians create solutions to the problems generated by the volume of information from the different industries, ensuring correct decision-making based on evidence. Our clients obtain reliable and safe results thanks to the best practices (Statistical Process Control, Six Sigma, continuous process improvement ...), reflected in a final report that will help them understand the performance of their facilities.

Being in contact with companies that contribute to the world of statistics is a huge step for us. Thanks, Máxima! We are sure it will be a very productive collaboration.


Happy to announce that we have a new partner: Máxima Formación!

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