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Effectiveness trials are not conducted on an experimental level but in field conditions. To enable this, T&T have access to commercial livestock farming operations through collaboration agreements. This is one of T&T’s competitive advantages.

Studies are carried out without altering the normal breeding conditions for animals, which makes it essential to have a network of contacts with production companies in order to locate clinical cases or, in the case of nutrition trials, livestock farming operations offering specific characteristics.


The economic significance and omnipresence of food in our lives makes food safety one of the main interests for society, particularly for public authorities and producers in the sector.

The veterinary pharmaceutical and food additive production industries are obliged to conduct trials in order to guarantee food safety for humans, animal welfare and environmental conservation.

To provide the vererinary pharmaceutical industry with clinical and nutritional effectiveness trials in field conditions
Los ensayos sirven para garantizar la seguridad alimentaria humana así como el bienestar y salud animal y preservación del medio ambiente

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